Sunday, 21 August 2011

Things I'll Miss in the UK

There's are some of the things I know and think I might miss about the UK

My daughter Matilda - naturally
Mats mum - Lucia
My dog - Snooky Doggy Dog
My family
My friends


Various food based items that I guess will become apparent the longer I'm away. Some contenders might be:

Cheese, pickled onions, Indian curries, chocolate (I've been told to take some), Some TV - although I assume I can get iplayer

Going to the pictures with Matilda, walking the dog. Walking with Matilda and her dogs on Dartmoor

Watching crap Reality shows like the X Factor with Matilda when she's at my house much to her mothers disgust!

Going to Butlins with Matilda much to her mothers disgust!

Going to Plymouth Hoe for a cup of tea and to drink in the view.

Being by the sea/water. I am Pisces after all and I've lived near the sea nearly all my life. (after all we are an island race)

Going around car boot sales - I'm hoping for great markets in China and have promised Matilda a box of plastic junk and Hello Kitty stuff once a month!


Getting irritated about politics - staying away from that stuff in China!

The Guardian, The Saturday Guardian, The Sunday Times (with a coffee on a lazy morning with Lucia) (I know I can download them to my Kindle but I'm sure it's not the same experience)


Crap TV

Crap politics

Crap economy


Crap judiciary (post riots)

People who don't give a shit

My old life (work, failed relationships etc)

It will be interesting to find out, in the coming months how this list pans out. I'll blog my cravings, live, as they happen!

Watch this space.

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