Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nanjing City addendum

Just remembered two events I wanted to mention about Sundays trip to Nanjing City but I forgot.

Both are 'image' related.

The first. I was walking down the pavement minding my own business when a noticed some girls/young women leafleting. I took no notice and I though that because I was obviously a westerner they would ignore me too. But no, one woman peel off and deliberately handed me a leaflet. "Oh" I thought, 'I wonder what this is?"  On close perusal it seemed that the leaflet was advertising a weight loss programme/medicine/witchcraft. Perhaps because I had dark glasses on they thought I was Chinese, doncha think? Doncha? Huh? Huh?

The second was, I noticed I was being followed quite closely by a guy, short, studenty looking but also a little weird. He started to talk to me, but very strangely. In good English, but very fast and staccato, just pouring it out. He was going on about Nanjing and what a nice city it was, did I like it? (not giving me time to answer) and blah blah blah, then he started complimenting me, about how nice I looked, how I had nice hair, how I had a big nose...yes that's right, how I had a nice big nose....

I told him I had to be somewhere, but he told me he had something important to tell me, unfortunately I couldn't spare the time to find out what it was....

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