Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Packing for China - the final 20 kilo

My suitcase has been 'packed' for three weeks. BUT I am allowed only 20 kilo in my suitcase and please remember I am going for 10 months! So there has been some serious packing, unpacking, discarding, rethinking over the last three weeks until I got the weight near to 20 kilo, but it was still a little over and I don't know how forgiving Cathay Pacific is. The excess baggage charge is $60 per kilo so I'm erring on the cautious side.

Tonight I have got the weight to just below the 20 kilo mark and this is my definitive list of what I'm taking.

In no particular order and with some explanation...

Running shoes
Black shoes for work
Running shorts - Lycra
Running shirt - long sleeves
Fred  Perry Polo Shirt
Waxed type Jacket
Black and White Kefeya Scarf
Casual Rugby style shirts x 2 - 1long sleeve and 1 short sleeve
Track suit bottoms  - new and thick and warm x1
University of Plymouth Hoodie - parting gift from my job - I asked for it, and they are warm and good quality
Large Bath sheet - smaller ones can be purchased in China but not bath sheets
1 pair black jeans
1 pair Khaki Chinos
4 cotton shirts -  for work etc
2 x thermal vests and 2 x thermal long johns - I'm told that there is no heating in Chinese schools
6 pairs underpants (M&S of course)
10 pairs of socks (1 pair a month huh?)
1 woolly hat (courtesy of Matilda, she bought it in Marrakesh)
1 woolly bobble hat
1 pair thick socks
Running trousers (Lycra)

That's it in terms of clothes

Also in the suitcase is:

A bag with 6 underarm deodorants - reduced from 10 - apparently you cant get deodorant in China! Plus 5 small bottles of shaving oil. Various prescription medicines, 3 Ventolin and 3 of the steroid puffers.  3 packs of Imodium (just in case!), about 12 of my migraine drugs (but hopefully will not need) cliploc bags x 2 boxes for teacher in china. 2 x large bars of chocolate requested by teacher in china. Swiss Army penknife.

                                             Unfortunately Snooks couldn't fit as she's 5.5 kilos....and this wasn't posed she got in my suitcase - she's been following me around like a shadow for the past week - I think she knows.....

Im also allowed 7 kilos in my carry on cabin bag and I can take my laptop bag on with me. I will sort these out tomorrow and blog the contents.

I am planning on wearing during the trip blue jeans, shirt, Dr Martens shoes, black jacket,  I am going to have to carry my winter overcoat onto the plane.

It's not much is it?

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