Thursday, 18 August 2011

Still packing for China - right up to the wire....

I am due to leave Plymouth very shortly, so have been finalising my packing and clearing out of my room. Surprisingly all of my (heavily pared down) stuff has fitted into the cupboard under the stairs! I am amazed!

My carry on allowance is 7 kilo. I'm using a backpack and have just about squeezed 7 kilo of stuff in.

This is it:

From the bottom up:

Canvas tote bag with a big plastic bag of PG Tips in it! Talk about coals to Newcastle - I'm taking tea to China!
Waterproof jacket
Clean shirt - Ben Sherman
Micro fleece
Multi coloured fleece - those who know me know which one (Uniqlo)
Rough Guide to China
Recharging cables for kindle, camera and new mobile phone

In the front pocket:

First aid kit
Berocca vitamins
Ventolin pump
Shoe polish for the Cherry Reds

1 brush
Neoprene knee brace
Reading/computer glasses

And in the top pocket

Toilet paper (moist) Apparently this is crucial when out and about around the Chinese City
6 migraine medicines
Brown inhaler
Hearing aids
Hearing aid batteries
Mini torch
Lemsips x 10
Anadin extra

And in my Laptop bag which is also pushing 5 kilo

Spare glasses x 1
Spare sun glasses x 1
4 x teaching books
2 x 100 index cards
Mac book pro and charger
Note book
Plymouth photo souvenir book
Business cards
Ventolin (be prepared - I was a scout after all)
and Brown inhaler
pen pencil etc

So that's it apart from the clothes I'll be wearing and the crombie overcoat Ill have to carry.

I'm looking forward to a quiet three days in Okehampton, no more cleaning/tidying/packing/bill paying/stress etc

But I'm sure something will come up....

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