Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My last night at home

Tonight is my last night at home, my last night in my own bed, my last night with Snook Doggy Dog.  How times flies to coin a phrase. Who would have thought it that I would be where I am now this time last year? I can hardly believe it myself.

Its been quite tough this last few days. Matilda, my daughter has been here with me. Sometimes what Im doing doesn't bear thinking about. If I did I would simply collapse in a shuddering weeping heap! Of course its doubly worse cos I'm also leaving Snook Doggy Dog! In know we anthropomosrphise animals, but Snooks has been sticking to me like glue these last few days, shes been like my shadow, where I am she is...she knows I swear it.

Am I ready to go tomorrow - I'm not quite sure.

I think I've done most of the admin relating to my life and my house and the next 10 months. I've done my will. I've packed my whole life into a cupboard and my 20 kilo suitcase.  The only thing outstanding is collecting new glasses from Vison Express tomorrow (last minute I know), getting some photos printed and I think that's it. Just got to remember not to forget my passport!

And the tickets.

Tonight I hosted a Chinese meal for my lodgers and Matilda in the garden, it went very well and a good time was had by all I hope.

This is the picture

Snook Doggy Dog

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