Sunday, 18 August 2013

Packing for China Part 2

The on/off, can I/can't I? Will they/Won't they saga of my baggage allowance seems to have been settled by the agent. As I mentioned the agent told me I could have 30 kilos and the airline told me, no no no, its 20 kilos for you in cattle class.  Anyhow, the agent has confirmed the 30 kilos and re-issued my ticket, Im still ringing up Cathay Pacific tomorrow, just in case - just in case I don't have $600 on my person when they tell me my baggage is overweight!

As it is I have just re-packed my bag, reassessed the contents and at the moment my main bag is about 23 kilos.

This is the full list:

Main Bag

Running shoes
Black shoes for work
Running shorts - Lycra
Running shirt - long sleeves
Polo Shirt x 2
Waxed type Jacket
Black and White Kefeya Scarf
Casual Rugby style shirts x 1 - long sleeve 
Track suit bottoms  - new and thick and warm x1
Towel (small hand towel)
2 x blue jeans
7 cotton shirts -  for work etc 5 x long sleeve formal 2 x short sleeve casual
2 x thermal vests and 2 x thermal long johns - there is no heating in Chinese schools
6 pairs underpants 
7 pairs of socks 
2 x ankle socks for running
1 woolly hat 
1 woolly bobble hat
2 x pair thick socks
Running trousers (Lycra)
8 ties
Lumberjack style hat (bought in china last time)
1 x neck scarf
Long sleeve top
Polo neck top - long sleeve
White England Nike rugby top
Linen Suit
Trousers (work)
Grey work jacket
Micro fleece
Swimming shorts
Hiking boots
Dark Suit
Wash bag with razor, toothbrush, small toothpaste, small bottle Calvin Klein One and other bits n pieces
Bigger wash bag holding various medicines including 20 lemsips (gold dust in China), some anti Beijing tummy remedy, migraine medicine, anadin, anti indigestion medicine etc. 

3 brown puffers (cenil modulate)
4 blue ventolin
Canvas bag (present)
Shoe brushes x 2
3 x pairs of insoles
small canvas artwork 6 x 6 inches
2 x filters (for friends hot tub)
4 x anti perspirent roll ons, 
Swiss army knife 

When I started the repack the bag was weighing in at about 26 kilos. So I have reduced this by removing all the packaging from various medicines, removed a glass bottle of cough medicine ( I might regret this), the short sleeved rugby shirt, removed the bath towel, I can buy one in China, removed gloves, removed scarf and anything in superfluous packaging i.e., took shoes out of shoe bag.

Computer Bag carry on

Spare dog lead
Neoprene knee brace
Office folder containing papers, certificates etc
Hair clay
Olbas Oil 10ml
Google Nexus tablet
Hanky (cotton)
Notebooks x 2
Spare mobile phone
Glasses x 3 (reading)
Business cards
8 x USB memory sticks
Oxford School Thesaurus
Apple Mac Book in case
Dr Dre Headphones
Dogs papers
Lead and Harness

This is about 7 kilos at the moment, it might be too heavy, the airline only stipulates a computer case or briefcase. 

Back pack carry on

2 x electrical plug adaptors
All Charging leads for gadgets
Camera lens wrapped in scarf
2 bags sweets for friends kids
spare glasses and sun glasses
spare razor blades (1 pack)
moist toilet tissue
Head torch (wind up)
3 x Typhoo tea packs (I know coals to Newcastle etc - but you can't beat a good cuppa, even in China!)

This is about 5 kilos at the moment and can be 7 kilos as my carry on bag. 

I have a waist belt as well which will have another pack of moist toilet tissue (a boon in China believe me), my sunglasses which I can wear around my neck when boarding, my small camera which I can wear on my belt when boarding. 

I also will carry an overcoat with stuff in the pockets.

Plus of course I will be wearing shirt, trousers, jacket, probably my fleece, doc martens etc. 

Once I have called Cathay Pacific tomorrow and confirmed my baggage allowance this is pretty much it I think.

Watch this space.

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