Monday, 19 August 2013

Packing for China the final countdown.

Thats it, its about 10:30 in the evening and my taxi is booked for 9am tomorrow morning so I think I've finished packing.

I had confirmation today from Cathay Pacific that my ticket did indeed have a 30 kilo check in allowance.

I havent gone mad and added loads more stuff. I added a pair of shorts that were always going to be on the list but I had been wearing them and they were then in the wash.  Ive also added a fleece and a rain jacket but these two items are in my carry on at the moment. I've decanted my medicine out of the glass bottle that I rejected yesterday and put it into two 100ml plastic bottles. I've added some more teabags and a few bits and pieces such as Snook Dogs Ducky, two balls, plus tomorrow, I'll have to add her lead, collar and harness as she is not allowed them on the plane she's going on. But nothing else significant so the main bag is up to about 25 kilos. I think thats about it, Im happy with that. Plus it also gives me a bit of leeway if my carry on bag is heavy or they don't like my stuffed computer bag, or the overcoat I'll be carrying, on the airlines website I don't think they like carried overcoats and will want to add it to the carry on tariff.

Im a bit exhuasted as its been non stop the last couple of days just tying up loose ends, getting the house ship shape, sorting out snooks pet passport, paying my tax :-( sorting out the bank, credit cards and so on.

The last thing to do I suppose is try on the clothes I think Im wearing tomorrow, a bit late but I think it'll be OK - famous last words huh?

My bags

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