Friday, 23 August 2013

Bathing with AJ

Met AJ today. AJ's a mate from the last time here in Nanjing and is the person who is directly to blame for me being back here. Not that he forced me but that he has been very instrumental in finding me this job and supporting my application. So naturally we were keen to meet us asap and share gossip etc about the last year or so over a beer of course.

Since I was last here AJ has moved jobs and with it accommodation so after we had picked up his wife Xia and son Titus at the train station who were returning from a summer break in the mountains with granny and grandpa we went in his car to the new flat.

The flat is in a brand new development that has its own school swimming pool etc, in fact its a brand new community, so brand new that its still being constructed.

This is the view from the 10th floor where AJ's flat is. The buildings with the blue roofs are worker accommodation. The red brick buildings to the left, in the distance, is the school.

Also on the balcony is a large 'tub' which we utilised:

Snooks and Titus enjoyed it as well

I got a taxi home and as Nanjing is such a large city it took about an hour, but a good day. 

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