Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcome to Nanjing Dongshan Foreign Language School

Today is the first day of the new semester in China and here they start off with an opening ceremony to which all the teachers must attend. To that end we (Steve and myself)  mustered at our office at 7am in our 'formal' clothes as requested. That the Chinese teachers were in their normal everyday teaching clothes against our being 'suited and booted' was unsurprising I suppose - with the normal state of things being 'one rule for us and one rule for them'.

Anyway at 7ish we all wandered out to the sports pitch where all the other Chinese teachers were in serried ranks. We, the iGCSE office, lined up with them, Steve in the front.

Then the students were marched in, it was all very disciplined, as you might expect.

 There are lots n lots of them - 3000 ish I think.

Then the flags were  raised and the anthems sung.

The national flag and anthem

The school flag and anthem

Then speeches were made and various presentations were made to students. Many of the students seemed to have been involved in the Asian Youth Games that were held here this year and they were all presented with prizes.

And then it was off to class. My first classes are this afternoon when I see Senior A for two 45 minute sessions back to back - 10 minute break in between.  But fortunately my monday mornings are free - its currently 9:15, Snooks is still in bed after a hectic day yesterday of which more in another blog.....

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