Sunday, 8 September 2013

Random Monday Catch Up

It's Monday, it's sunny, it's 09:30, I don't have teaching until 13:40, Snooks has been for a walk and is lying in the sun so I thought I'd use the time for a random catch up and post some of the pictures you haven't seen (unless you've seen some of them on my facebook wall).

A week ago Sunday (not yesterday) Me n Snooks went over to Xianlin where I lived last time. We had a date to meet with Tom and Peggy at the Blue Marlin. They had just got back to China from the States and I was looking forward to meeting up with them again.  To get there from where I am is a bit of a trek using public transport.  From my school by taxi to the Metro,  then nearly 1 hour on Metro Line 1 into town and the Xinjiekou interchange. Then onto Line 2 to Xianlin about another 30 minutes. So a bit of a trek so by the time I got there a drink was needed.

Other old friends and associates turned up - Ryan (red hat) and I forget his name

Tom - It was his birthday
 Peggy and Audrey a Chinese girl who used to be a waitress at the bar that Tom and Peggy have 'adopted'
Snooks made a friend of Zac
 After drinks on my way home I stopped off for noodles near the station 
 The noodle guy

 On Saturday Steve and I went shopping to a big supermarket call Auchan - its French.  Stever wanted to get cheese and was so enamoured of the selection he took photos. In doing so he took a photo of what he wanted, but forgot to put it in his basket!

This young woman, covered in balloons was advertising waffles - we needed a pic of her.

 Yesterday (Sunday) I bought Snooks a fleecy blanket 
 To put into the bed I had made for her out of a cardboard box. 
 This weekend has seen a lot of activity in the concert hall, I believe they are rehearsing for a 'Teachers Day' (which is a big holiday) TV show, so lots of people have been going through the motions outside.
At about 4 o'clock the kids were getting back to school. This is 'Harry Potter' a Korean kid who is in my Junior A class having fun with Snooks

 She gave him the run around

There was also a football match between Senior A and Senior B class. These are some of the girls from my class watching.
This bi plane flies over a lot as do numerous military helicopters we must be near a military base.

More stuff happening in the concert hall

As I said Snooks, sun bathing this morning

Time for a coffee........

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