Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yay I got the Job! Off to Nanjing - again!


I have been offered the job at the Dongshan Foreign Language School in Nanjing. This is great news as this is the school I was hoping to go to.  There are a number of benefits, the wages are double what other schools are offering, its still only 20 hours a week teaching and the extras like the accommodation seems nice too. Plus I will be near my old friends.

So it gets serious now, Im off to see the doctor of Friday to get my medical form so we can apply for my Z visa. Thats going to cost £80.  Snooks had her rabies and other jabs the other day thats £75. So its not cheap.

These are the main details of the job

Your working hours will be 20 teaching hours as maximum with 2 days off per week.
We will provide:
1.Comprehensive Medical insurance, health check and Chinese residence permission.
2. 8000RMB as travel allowance after successful completion of the contract
3. Accommodations at no cost on campus by the school (utilities, telephone bills, internet fees, food and other personal expenditures excluded).
 4. Teachers will enjoy all the legal holidays in China as Chinese people do and a paid winter holidays.

School Profile:
The school was established in 2003 with a new campus covering an area of 70000m2 featuring advanced extablishment, beautiful and spectacular scenery.
It pursues the "cultivation of high literacy beneficiary to students all life" as its operation tenet.
It has succussively become the key national cultivation education experimental school, national foreign language education experimental school, national top 100 characteristic school, with 60  classes, 6 grades, over 3000 students and 220 full time teachers. Students in the school features elegant behaviours, distinguished temperament, gracious morality and great amibitions.
Cambridge International Center has been newly established , with its new website:

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