Monday, 24 June 2013

Choices, Choices

The last time I wrote I was considering the two places I mentioned, one in Chengdu and CUMT.  I had pretty much decided on the job in Chengdu. Well fate and AJ always sticks a spanner in the works and at AJ's recommendation up pops another job in Nanjing.

Its a Cambridge International Center of Nanjing Dongshan Foreign Language School which has been newly established  this is the new website: (in Chinese)

The wages are better than the Chengdu job as are the conditions.

These are the photos Ive been sent of the school:

These of the accommodation:

Ive had to do a demonstration teaching video for them. Me and Mat spent about 2 hours doing it yesterday.

This is it

So I'm waiting to hear from them now. Fingers crossed.

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