Saturday, 15 June 2013

Never say never.

Well its been a while, but it seems that I might be going to China again.

WHAT????? you say. What, after the miserable time you roll out in the last blog? The terrible boring experience you claim you had in Nanjing?

I know I know. But time has passed and hindsight is great and the fact that I need to work and there's not much opportunity here in the UK has made me rethink my experiences and priorities.

I also think, in hindsight, that the road traffic accident I was involved in in Nanjing affected me more than I thought it did.  I think faced with my own mortality I panicked and got myself into a funk and a bit depressed I guess.

Plus the age 60 visa ceiling is looming and I want some more adventure as life here in Plymouth is a little bit dull to be honest and I'm running out of money.

I would love to go back to Nanjing simply because I do have lovely friends there and it would be great to pick up again with them and of course its nice to have that 'security blanket' of people already there, ready made friends. But on the other hand it would be great to go elsewhere and make new friends, see new things.

There are two front runners at the moment who seem keen on me. (Im not going to mention the many that have told me Im too old :-(  )

One is Chengdu Jiaxiang Foreign Language School – Pixian Campus 

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As you can see its in the West of China so that will be a totally different experience than the prosperous East coast and its relatively near Vietnam and Cambodia for exploring and its teaching 7 -15 years old so that could be fun.

The other is China University of Mining and Technology.

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This is, I am told a prestigious university and as you can see its on the West coast north of Nanjing.
This will be teaching older students which in my last experience was a bit of a double edged sword. Are they wanting to learn English or are they just there because they have to be, sleeping, playing on their phones, no books, pencils or paper.

There are a couple of other's in the frame one right in the North. And AJ is pursuing a Kindergarden post in Nanjing.

I've had a couple of Skype conversations and today I have to record a video for CUMT for their academic committee, I've got to see the doctor to get a medical form done, hopefully that will be no problem

This time Snook Doggy Dog will be coming with me.  I've asked and at least Chengdu Jiaxiang Foreign Language School have said its fine. :-)

So we will have to wait and see.

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