Thursday, 26 May 2011


So life moves on apace.

The university still hasn't confirmed my redundancy. I hear it might be next week. If I get a NO well that's me up shit creek without a paddle.

Well I suppose I'll still have the job at the Uni but the switch in my brain has now turned to China. I feel like I'm working my notice. I'm focused on being in China on Sept 1st and a NO from work would really fuck things up.

Not least that I have most of my life up on eBay. I've made over 500 pounds the last couple of weeks selling my stuff - not that I'll see much of it as any cash is going to pay off those little debts we all have store cards, credit cards etc.

Got a medical this afternoon for my visa. The docs got to fill in a form for the Chinese govt so I get a visa. The Doctor gets £90 of my money for the medical. Plus if it gets technical and they have to take blood, do ecg's and X-rays the costs go up and up. And that's not including the jabs.

So I'm hoping that I get the signed form today so I can fax it off to china tomorrow. And then I guess we move on to the visa process.

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