Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Sing: today has been a good good day - I gotta feeling...woohoo

I passed my 120 hr TEFL course today. So that's me finished woo hoo GO ME!

I found the course hard in places. You need to think creatively, use google as a resource (don't plagarise though) and it takes as long as they say it does you csnt cruse through it. I had 90 days from when I paid and finished with about 15 in hand.

My advice is to get the TEFL for Dummies book. It's got loads of useful stuff in it and it helped me a lot.

Check this out on AMZN: Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies http://amazon.co.uk/dp/0470745762


The other good news is after waiting for my Director to write me a reference (I wrote it myself in the end and she just signed it) I sent it off to China and received a contract for Nanjing by return email which I signed and sent back.

So now I HAVE A JOB IN CHINA!!! How great is that. September 1st start.

So next steps are visas, continue selling all my stuff on eBay, finish my house and get lodgers.

But there you go you cam change your life in just a few months.

I'm happy and excited!

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