Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Job offer.....

To catch up.

I finally got through the 60 hr tefl course - that was a bit of a nightmare. The grammar, as I have mentioned, was really hard, but I got through it! Now I'm doing another 20 hr course which is even more grammar focused but I'm getting there.

But on the job front the news is good. I have been offered a teaching post in China! I think I mentioned that I wasn't successful with the job in Shanghai. But I think that this offer is much better. Its with a New Zealand company who supply teachers to various schools across China. I had about a 90 minute 'interview' via phone and skype this morning. The interesting thing for me, given my difficulty with grammar, is that these posts are teaching pronunciation. Result!

So Ive been left with a bit of a dilemma to consider overnight. There are three schools and I can choose which ones I want.

The first is in Nanjing.  This is the wikipedia page for the city  I'm told that this is a High School with very high standards and the students are successful. To be this successful the school does work the teachers hard, but their is also the opportunity to go into some of the city's junior schools to teach younger students.  There are a number of English teachers at this school and one, 'Anna' has been there a few years and would act as a mentor.

The other choice is a High School  in a city called Qingyang. This is the wikipedia page  The city is close to the city of Xi'an where the terracotta soldiers are.

I'm told that the students are mediocre and not as 'good' as the school in Nanjing

The third option is a High School in Qiqihar - a city in inner Mongolia - This is the wikipedia page  This city is in the North of China, up towards the Russian boarder. I'm told there a mix of nationalities teaching there.

So Ive got to make a choice.

My inner adventurer says straight away Mongolia - its got to be  that choice every time.  But, and theres always a but, my logical head says Nanjing. Why? Simply because I think it is important to go to a school that will challenge me to get it right, rather than a mediocre schools where I might not learn anything. And Mongolia can wait.

I'm told the wages are: £565 (approx) per month with a £945 bonus at the end of the contract. That might seem low but accommodation is provided, as are airfares, medical cover, heating etc.

The start day is in September, but they take you out there at the end of August for a two day introduction with the other students in a hotel in Beijing, paid for by the company including food etc, then they fly you out to the school city where you are met taken to the accommodation and given a few days to settle in.

So things are moving on. Ninjang here I come I hope!

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