Thursday, 21 April 2011

School in Shanghai

Today I had an interview, via skype, with a school in Shanghai, this is it

Its the Jin Cai School in Shanghai

This is the International School - which, if I get the job, is where I'll be

Heres some more information

Shanghai Jin Cai High School is funded by a compatriot from Taipei, China, is an innovative and progressive key public boarding school, run by Shanghai Municipal government.  Jin Cai High School, located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, covers a vast area of 130, 000 square meters. The campus boasts with simple and elegant buildings and a clean and park-like setting.
 Up to today, around 1,800 students study in Jin Cai High School., including local students from Shanghai and other 22 provinces and cities, and those international students from 15 countries and regions.
 The principal of Jin Cai High School was appointed by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Under the leadership of the principal, Jin Cai High School has already achieved a good performance, not only in education but also in administration, which has won the school nation-wide reputation. The speed and the efficiency of the school’ s development, in a way, is a wonder in Shanghai education field. In the year of 1999, Jin Cai High School was one of the first schools which passed the program moderation and became a Shanghai Experimental Model High School. In 2000, Jin Cai High School was named a National Green School (a title for an environment-protection model school). In 2002, Jin Cai High School received the officials from World Expo Bureau for the Shanghai’s bid for the 2010 Expo and became the focus of national and international attention. The graduates college enrollment rate, including the students from the International Division, is as high as 98 percent.
The goal of the International Division of Jin Cai High School is to provide students with the best possible education and to create an enjoyable environment where students of all nations can work and learn together. The new campus of the International Division, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters, was finished in the year of 2003. That’s one of the important reasons why our international division enjoys greater potential to develop further. We are sure that it will be the paradise for overseas students to learn Chinese culture and develop all-around.
              (Source: Shanghai Jin Cai High School)

Exciting huh?

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