Friday, 3 June 2011


It's 5:44am and I'm sitting in the queue at Stonehouse carboot sale where much of my life will come under scrutiny and then hopefully make a good price.

This is the next step in divesting myself of my worldy goods and it's representative of me setting off in search of a new life! In more mundane terms I'm trying to raise cash to offset the last 40 years of profligate spending. Yes I have to service, if not extinguish, my debt burden. And I'm doing that by selling my crap to anyone that will countenance it either via eBay or the traditional method of getting rid of crap - the carboot!

In other news the University has officially put me on the 'scrapheap' and have authorised my voluntary redundancy. So my last day of employment is 31st July - not too far away. Plus I also have 12 days of holiday to take - so that's even better.

I've been in contact with the two women I will be working with in China, Anna and Sherree, both 'old china hands' having worked there for a couple of years. Anna has been working at the Nanjing school and Sherree has been elsewhere.

Here at home I think I have found a student to teach me Chinese. I put a notice up in our international college and got a hit. The guy is actually from Nanjing so that's a bonus. We have met yet. Hopefully next week. I'm planning on a couple of hours tuition a week.

The medical was fine and was faxed off - only £90 for 10 minutes work. I'm obviously the wrong sort of Doctor! The China office and school are now working on the visa application. I guess I should get that soon. I'm told that I'm needed in China about the 23rd August for a 2 day seminar in Beijing. That means leaving on or around the 20th that's not so far away now we are in June.

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