Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hmmmmm. Home in the UK

Ok. Since my last post was March and it's now July. I gotta say even I think I've  been slack and I will do a catch up post to fill in the 3 month odd gap all though not much of any major note happened except for work. But that's to come. 

I'm now back at home having my summer break.  The thing about being back home in the UK is that you have to face reality.  Reality in the form of a huge pile of letters waiting for you. Mainly junk I must say but in amongst those are threatening letters from the TV licensing people who seem to have forgotten that I cancelled my license in August and they were so satisfied with my reason I got a refund! Letters telling me I must do something by a certain date, which is obviously months ago so that needs sorting - thanks inland revenue - another institution that I called and advised them of my situation before I left. 

Then I've got to do stuff like my tax return, sort my house out and see friends and relatives. It's a busy old time. 

Plus stuff is so expensive, like food, transport, well most things really. It's a bit of a shock I suppose in China it's easy to forget the problems we face in the west. 

So I've been home a week now, I bought a car so I can get to see my daughter. I'll sell it on before I leave. It cheaper than a rental. 

Been downsizing even more, now I know I'm going back to china and will possibly stay a few more years I can dump stuff I know I don't really need. So the charity shops will receive a bounty of books and clothes and stuff. 

Plus my garden is a jungle, the gardeners I contracted to do it once every 6 weeks never came after the first time. The never got any money and in fact they never even billed me for the work they did. I'm hoping to borrow a strimmer soon. 

The house needs sorting as I will be renting the house to a friend so it needs to be shipshape. So busy busy busy. 

But to be honest I am already looking forward to getting back to China and back to work. And of course back to Snook Doggy Dog 

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