Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunrise and Sunset in China...a bright winters day

Sunrise, about 7 am ish , Nanjing, China December 12th.

As I was getting ready for work this morning at about 7am I noticed that the sun was rising and it was starting to look pretty lovely.  So I grabbed my camera and shot the pictures below. I guess one of the reasons for the colour saturation is that the atmosphere here is always murky, wether its pollution or just an overlying murk one doesn't often see a blue sky and we never get to see the starts at night.

The day today has been really pretty, one of those chilly winters day that starts bright and crisp with a frost on the ground, the first one I think, but its not too cold and there is no wind and as the day progresses the sun adds some welcome warmth to the day.

As I had finished teaching by about 11:30am I bussed out to the lake where I had a large coffee and a portion of french fries (McD's of course) and sat outside enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face.

Its now 4pm and Im waiting to see if the sunset is as'll see it if it is!

 Sunset, Nanjing, China - December 12th about 4:30 ish
So I did manage to get out and catch the sunset from the top of myu apartment building, it was still pretty chilly but the view from the top of our apartments over to Purple mountain makes for a great setting donch ya think?

Lovely day!

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