Tuesday, 12 July 2011

China approaches...

As china approaches I have been doing all the preparation and organising. Once I had the medical form completed and sent off to china I had to wait for the forms to come back from the school inviting me as an 'expert' so I could then apply to the Chinese embassy for a z (working) visa.

So it with some excitement that I got this envelope

And yes inside were all the relevant documents from China. They of course went into another envelope with my passport and the relevant forms downloaded from the Chinese embassy website to apply for the z visa

4 days later this is what I had in my sticky hand

Yes the Chinese visa IN MY PASSPORT! Woo hoo!

Next, of course was purchasing the ticket.

I am flying on the 22nd August to Beijing by Cathay Pacific. I have to be in Beijing for a 2 day seminar being held in a hotel by the agency employing me.  The ticket was £506 single which the agency will reimburse.

In other news I have also been doing some serious pre Nanjing shopping.

1. This blog is being written on my new Apple Mac Book Pro!  I got a brilliant bargain using my 'educational' discount because Im still an employee of the University. Almost £200 off the RRP plus a £65 voucher to use in Itunes Apple shop etc.

Here it is:

Apple products are so well packaged, its a joy just to look at the packaging, let alone the thrill of opening it.

So cooooool eh?

Although it was a struggle syncing all my songs off my iphone onto this macs itunes, apple are such arses sometimes about what you can and cannot do with their tech.

And because I have been told that english books are few and far between in the shops in Nanjing this had to be a must buy buy

Yes I got my self a Kindle. Not downloaded any books onto it yet though.

And on advice I bought these

Yes roll on deoderant! Im told you cannot get it in China! So yes 10 roll ons for 10 months.

Is that enough? 

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