Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The first day of the rest of my life.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Today I had a meeting with my director and asked if I could be considered for voluntary redundancy. Whilst she didn't say yes or no, she said she will put it to HR. So I guess I am in with a chance.

I work in a British university, not on the academic side, although I was once a sociologist and taught sociology here, I am now on the admin side. In the current climate of financial cutbacks in HE I am probably in the firing line anyway, they did try unsuccessfully to make me redundant about 3 years ago, so I was not holding my breath this time. But I have decided to be the master of my own future and to apply for the voluntary redundancy.

So this blog is going to chart my new start.

First Steps:

I have already, as I have noted, discussed this with my Director and we await the outcome.

I have already had my house valued and will put it up for sale shortly.

And my aim, for my future, is to teach English in China initially and hopefully see some of the world before my old bones succumb.

I have sourced a TEFL course for the 120 hour certificate I will need to teach English

So this is is.

This is the start........the first blog post, obviously more to come.

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  1. A brave step but one I'm sure you will love, I'll be following your progress with a little jealousy in my heart. Good luck mate.
    Robby (RobbyDesigns)