Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Playing catch up - part 2.

Yes I know I have been tardy in keeping up with this blog. So I'm condensing all of the last nine, yes nine months of my experiences into just these two blogs and then I'll try and get back to regularly writing.

So where were we - 2014.  In the last blog I posted pictures of Christmas, Thanksgiving, a Las Vegas Charity night, a colleagues wedding. The social life here in Nanjing is pretty good. My circle of friends meet up pretty regularly. Weekdays are usually no no's as most nights are school nights so going out drinking is not an option.  Of course I also live about an hour by public transport from the downtown area which puts a bit of a damper on going out of an evening. The Blue Marlin where I also meet my friends is about a 20 minute taxi drive away, by public transport its about 90 minutes away as I'd have to go all the way into town and then get a metro to that district.

What do I do then. As you know I live on campus in a decent apartment. I don't have a TV and even if I did the only English channel is the Chinese news channel. So I use my computer to watch TV and Movies which I download by various ways - nudge nudge.  Of course I paint, this seems to be more of a winter occupation for me as it gets dark and cold early here in Nanjing so even if I could I probably wouldn't want to venture out in the evening.

I've been writing. As I mentioned I wrote a text book with a Chinese friend and Im currently trying to write a novel, of which more maybe later.

Its surprising how quickly the time goes, maybe its my age. Some days I might only have two 45 minute lessons, plus the two office hours and then the rest of my time is mine.  It surprising how easy it is to fill that time. Chores, shopping, maybe the traditional chinese nap at lunch time!

I also treated myself to a new camera for my birthday when I was in Australia. I bought a Fuji  X-T1 which was recommended to me by friends as a good camera for what I like to do, which as you know is mainly street photography.

Here are some more pictures - from 2015 - most of them after the spring break.

 Playing with my new camera locally
 Under the bridge
 Checking out the allotment
 A local community by my school

 Local life
 At a historic village community locally
  At a historic village community locally

 A local community being bulldozed away to make way for a new mall in downtown Nanjing - some of the residents are hanging on

 A local community being bulldozed away to make way for a new mall

Snooki and Sheepy enjoying the sun

 Titus, AJ's boy in his winter get up
 Sunrise over the buildings near my apartment 
 Kite flying
 Winter comes to Nanjing


 The spring trip is a firm favourite in the school calendar - this time we went to some quasi military place run by ex soldiers. 
 We had fun in the shooting game- this were like laser guns that pinged the receiver on a vest you wore when you got hit - I hung out with the Junior class as I miss teaching them as I only teach the seniors this semester
This is Angel 

 Lets get ready for action

Military equipment on display - this is a MIG I think

Air intake

Teachers in Tanks - Gleefully ignoring the "Don't Climb on the Exhibits' signs. 

I played as well

Interestingly as I stood in front of the tank I was trying to mention that iconic Tiananmen photo of the lone student stopping the tanks - but none of the teachers really knew about it. 

This image is illegal in China.

Trainers in my local supermarket

 Using my camera again at a local music festival
I liked this Chinese Band 

These girls were at an event in a local shopping mall

 These girls were at an event in a local shopping mall

Mum and son in Stabucks

A walk in Rock City Park

Kite flying is a popular sport

A caged bird 'market'

 Time for a chat
 Even in the middle of a modern city like Nanjing people still do their washing in the river.
 Buildings opposite my apartment
 A replica of the Junks taken around the world by the famous Chinese Admiral Zheng He. Its claimed he visited North America 100 years before Columbus, after all Columbus had a map!
 Big boats

Sunglasses in Stabucks

Thats all for the moment folks. Life is still pretty rosy here in China, but I'll see those of you in the UK very soon. 

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